• The “Still Dunkable” Box


    Introducing The “Still Dunkable” Box!

    Each box is packed a range of surprise biscuits from around the world, so you can dunk & discover something new and exciting with your next cuppa!

    The “Still Dunkable” box contains biscuits that are a little past their best and didn’t make it into our regular boxes. These biscuits are still a fantastic range of flavours and styles from around the world, with up to 7 packs included, they just might contain some of the below:

    • A slight dent or bash in the box
    • A tear in the outer box (not the inner package, so biscuits will still be fresh!)
    • Biscuits past their “best before” (still perfectly safe to eat and tasty!)
    • There might be none of the above defects and we just have an excess of them! 🙂

    We chose to offer this box at a hugely discounted price to save these biscuits going to landfill, and to reduce waste in the hopes that someone can still enjoy a surprise box of biscuits that might not be perfect on the outside, but still full of biscuity goodness on the inside!

    Please note: due to the variable nature of this box, we don’t include a facts booklet with this box. Just biscuits! 🍪

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